Aksara Harriram is an illustrator, artist and an aspiring innovator in design, who draws inspirations from daily activities and musings.

She grew up in a coastal town in South Africa and moved around to cities like Auckland in New Zealand and Newcastle and Melbourne in Australia which has afforded her great opportunities to appreciate culture and admiration for life itself. In earlier years technical drawing and later visual arts shifted her perspective on art practices and design. With a fine arts (2009) background, a hint of natural history illustration (2010) and a dash of visual communication design (2014) qualifies as a springboard for creative escapades, life adventures and travels which continue to inspire and motivate the production of her work.

Having exhibited work as a practicing artist in Newcastle and Sydney, working in galleries in Newcastle, contributing art for animations and worked as a lead graphic designer in Sydney are just a few notable things that describes the creative outlets that Aksara has pursued.

As a reigning Certified Puzzle Beast (self titled), with a cup of tea at hand, a pen/cil, any writable surface and a life quest to find the best mushroom and leek pie on the planet she strives for design virtuosity.

Currently based in Newcastle she is on an ongoing search to satisfy her creative outpours by pursuing her personal projects.